• Monitor desktop
  • Monitoring via webcam
  • Logging start and close programs
  • Record keystrokes soon
  • Tracking the activity of the computer soon
  • Keeping statistics of visited sites soon


SWTracking allows you to

  • To detect and prevent possible leaks in time.
  • Learn how optimally spent the staff time.
  • Increase the efficiency of departments and company generally.

     Information and staff time – the main resource of today's companies! The use of SWTracking allows to control, analyze and optimize the use of these resources in your organization. Having analyzed the activity report employee, you can avoid such problem and increase work efficiency in your company.

     SWTracking may be very useful for home. If you are concerned by what your child deals with the computer at home, learns lessons, writes reports or conversely walks on entertainment sites, forums and wastes too much time in chats? Also if you are not confident in the work of your husband the computer SWTracking allows you to learn with whom your heart half communicates, what sites he visits and what photos he views. And do not forget that you always can look in the eye of webcam.

     The feature of SWTracking is the exposure controls the way computer - through a browser, that is to see what is happening or happened at a computer-controlled, you just log on to it from any browser including mobile (iPad, Android and etc.)

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Monitor employees using tablet

Centralized monitoring program

The program will automatically create a list of computers on the network are configured with the supervision